Do you feel like your home’s decor has begun to fall out of fashion? Do you feel it lacks that certain special something that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed when you walk through the door?

When someone’s Bakersfield home needs an upgrade, they will sometimes think their only option is a time-consuming renovation or home remodeling project. But have you looked at the estimates for the average renovation? Some home projects can be so costly that homeowners will take out a second mortgage on their home. And what about the families who aren’t eligible for a second mortgage?

Many homeowners don’t have the funds or creditors at their disposal to undertake such a costly project. What do they wind up doing? They resign themselves to their unsatisfactory home.

However, there is an alternative to expensive home renovations. They can call John Hernandez Painting and begin planning their painless and affordable interior painting project.

Many people underestimate the transformative power of a carefully chosen can of paint. The fact is, an artful and elegant interior paint job by the residential painting experts at John Hernandez Painting can be as effective as redecorating or even remodeling your whole home.

John Hernandez Painting can revitalize your old, drab living room into an unrecognizable and vibrant space. How will we do that? By approaching your interior painting project the same way an interior decorator approaches their job. We’ll select paints that best match your home’s furniture, the existing décor, and your family’s personalities.

Want to make your dark kitchen feel a little brighter? No problem. We might even suggest adding an accent wall to your fireplace’s wall to really make your home’s stunning features stand out even more.

The Best Residential Painters in Bakersfield

We apply every single coat of paint with the most care and attention possible. It doesn’t matter whether we are touching up your bathroom or repainting the entire first floor of your home, we never falter in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Not every professional painting service in Bakersfield is as up-front and transparent as us. We are entirely up-front about our standard labor costs and the cost of paint per square foot. Some competitors might consider our detail-oriented approach obsessive, but at John Hernandez Painting we disagree. That’s just how we ensure that you are not dissatisfied or surprised with our pricing.

When we take the time to calculate our no-obligation estimate for your potential painting project, we aren’t just basing the assessment on our past experience. We consider all the unique qualities of your Bakersfield home, ensuring an accurate estimate.

Being inaccurate, dishonest, or disorganized? We don’t want to be any of those things. We want you to tell everyone in the Bakersfield area just how satisfied you were with our work. The Magic of the Accent Wall in Home Painting

While it is true that an accent wall is more affordable than painting an entire room, don’t let yourself think that accent walls are the second-rate choice. The truth is an accent wall is sometimes is the most attractive choice and not just the most affordable one! Don’t believe us? Ask any interior decorator in the Bakersfield area and they’ll tell you.

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